CDC — Core / Non-Core/ FT -Oh, what the hell!

Where do I come from?

What should I do to get what I want??

Research Internship

CDC internship

  1. Be completely thorough with each and every word you have mentioned in your resume. I mean it. Most of the interviewers stress a lot on your resume and you obviously don’t have any control over his/her questions.
  2. As for the tests, prepare for the aptitude questions, like those in CAT/GRE, and strengthen your vocabulary because sometimes they ask questions on reading comprehensions, synonyms, etc. Apart from this, the technical part (if applicable) varies from one company to the other. So, contact the seniors who have appeared for this earlier.
  3. If you are not sure about applying to a particular company, I would suggest that you should apply anyways. Submitting your CV doesn’t mean that you will be selected but if you miss the opportunity, then it's too late. I didn’t want to go for ITC nevertheless, I applied for it.
  4. A good grasp of communication skills is preferable since there’s no point in having a decent profile if you’re not able to talk about your knowledge and past experiences in a proper way. Practice speaking in English for around 10 mins at a stretch, in front of the mirror every day.
  5. A night before the interview, go to the company’s website and read about their motto, recent updates, and key innovations. In the HR round, if you mention these points, it shows that you are genuinely interested in the profile and you may be preferred over some other candidates. Apart from this, there are tons of videos available for HR round preparations on Youtube.
    As for the technical round, your CV is a key factor. And the rest of it depends on your conceptual knowledge, which you know how to prepare for.

Off-Campus opportunity

  1. Hunting an off-campus internship
  2. Hacks to the “Off-Campus” Internship
  3. How to start preparing for Off-Campus Internships



I’m here to resolve the “why’s” and “how’s” for myself and others, once and for all. | Website:

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Keshav Bagri

I’m here to resolve the “why’s” and “how’s” for myself and others, once and for all. | Website: