Can we do everything?

Keshav Bagri
3 min readJan 13, 2022


Recently, I came across this post on Instagram in which Ben Smoke expresses his concern on how it’s almost impossible to do almost “everything”. And this got me thinking — as average human beings, can we really do everything, we are supposed to/want to do?

Now, obviously, I googled about this and 8.95 bn results popped up in 0.63 seconds; Google says so!
Most of them were motivational in nature wherein the authors used different combinations of words to convey the same message —

You can do everything in life if you believe in yourself!

To be honest, motivational speakers or quotes can work only when you know how to proceed but then, lethargy kicks in. After listening to them, you get the initial jerk and things start moving. Now, wait a minute, there’s a catch — more often than not, this doesn’t last long for almost everyone.

No matter how many self-help books, inspirational videos, or LinkedIn posts you watch, the end result is the same, with the only difference being the duration for which your motivation lasts. Now the question arises —

Can we really do everything? If yes, how can we do it?

Psychology says that as human beings, we try to rationalize everything we do or intend to do. According to the evolutionists, this tendency is relatively stronger in men than women, attributing to the fact that from early times, men were the ones who used to take care of the “external” affairs, while women were confined to their homes — patriarchy!

Essentially, in short, this does answer the above question. All of us have heard, “everything happens for a reason!” Now, whether you are able to isolate the reason or not, is the answer to your satisfaction/dissatisfaction. In a nutshell, rather than just motivating/pushing ourselves to do something, we ought to convince our subconscious why we need to do something combined with a pinch of inspiration! This trick is actually helpful; the least I can say from my experience!

It may seem like a childish thought or a naive solution, but the truth is your mind needs exclusive and convincing reasons to perform a particular task. When you attempt to push yourself, your intelligence tries to overpower your mind, but this doesn’t last long enough to see some tangible effect and you end up quitting easily. Take smoking, for instance. You want to quit but you aren’t really sure why. That’s why after a few nicotine patches and No-smoking days later, you are back to the initial position.

To sum up, as it turns out, we can do everything, provided that the following aren’t violated at any point in time:-
1. You have to identify and prioritize what constitutes everything for you.
2. You are well-aware of why you have to/want to do it.

For example, let’s take exercise. This can be on your priority list and the reasons can be to stay healthy, to avoid medical issues or cure if you have one, etc.

There you go, that’s the answer to the question. Try with small things and gradually allow this habit to grow!



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